Editorial Illustration 5 Oct

-try to use  semiotics (like dark cloud symbolize Bad news)

– semiotics research

  • -Sam Wiehl
  • -David Hand
  • -Seel Garside

-gender is not semiotics

Researching newspapers and magazines in a libray I stumble upon these artists, which i am ganna research further.

Rosemary Lloyd, Darren Diss, Matt Kenyon, Steve Bell, Gilion Blease, Peter till, Simon Pemberston, Peter Brooks, Scott Garrett, Danierl Pudles, Noma Boss..After checking them out I liked the most the work of Simon Pemberston. Use of colors, silhuetes, shades… I will try to recreate this using screenprint.

Simon Pemberston

On a group tutorial on the 9th of Oct I ‘ve been adviced to check out the book about visual meaning of signs called Visible Signs by David Crow, which I found very interesting.

I also researched the work of Julian Opie and Patrick Caulfield.

Tutorial record for editorial brief

That week we had scheduled mono print workshop so I have experimented with this process and produced some images what I was quite pleased with but it was all black and white images and I wanted to include some colour. I have tried to produce some images using silkscreen process. Although these images included colour they were not what I imagined they would be. As a side product of mono printing I had a few interesting misprints. With help of scanner I produced couple of collages, what at the end I liked the more then outcomes I produced using other processes, so I chose it for my final illustration for this project.

This is the collage of misprints what i have decide is actually my final outcome for this brief :

Green Technology

Concept is simple. It has a form of diagram what I found very suitable for scientific magazine. I used some semiotics in this image so it’s not too straightforward and it has a bit of humour in it. I learnt a lot from this project and quite pleased with the outcome.

methane harvest final collage

On editorial illustration I like the time pressure, u have to act quick as there is most of the time very short deadline. I prefer short term project to long ones, so this make me think that this could be the direction I might go in the future..


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