Reportage Illustration 16 Oct

  1. body of reported news
  2. particular way of presenting news

Provide an insight of one small area in Bmuff. Collect objects, tickets, notetaking, soundrecording, photos, location drawings

Monday 10 00 o’clock on a pier (camera, sketchbook..)

Reportage illustrators to research:

  • Lucinda Rogers (works for independent)
  • Aude van Ryn
  • Olivier Kugler
  • Kate Miller
  • John mcNelly

Thursday 22 Oct, group tutorial:

group tutorial record

I have been advised to scan in my location drawings and play with them digitally (add colours), and make it 3D in shae of a bay window

Friday 23 Oct, mid-unit tutorial:

I was very pleased with overall feedback for work what i have done till this point.

mid-unit tutorial record

I produced wide range of ideas for editorial brief , artist research, using signs – semiotics, experimenting – mono printing, screen printing, collage… This all helped me to produce final piece what connects well with article and I am actually pleased with.

For reportage brief , I got  couple good ideas from Sharon. As I am illustrating ‘the view from my window’, I am going to observe whats happening there in different time of the day, like day and night. what will give the illustartions some meaning ‘some news’, so it will not be just location drawings. I also liked the idea of a triptych as the window has three parts (bay window) – three views. I have to also have a look on paper folding as i dont know how am i gona present my final outcome..

The only thing what I am behind with is keeping my LEARNING LOG updated.

Reportage illustration project looked much easier as editorial, because u just observing location. All you need to think is just how to present it. It was surprising then that I struggled with this project more as with previous one. It was a big Pressure to be original. I live in a flat above the main shopping street with the nice view from the living room. Because not that many people have that opportunity I have decided to illustrate the view from my window. To make it more interesting I observed the location at 12 o’clock midday and midnight. I have done few sketches at day and at night. Although I did not try I’ve been told that my style looks like Lucinda Rogers work what I was quite pleased with, because I do like her work.Lucinda Rogers

I had a sketches but next stage was, how am going to present them. And here I got a bit stacked and frustrated, but after tutorial with Sharon, she gave me an idea of a book in a shape of bay window and think about idea of triptych as my window has three parts. The last thing what I had to think about was how to show or compare day and night views. When I was folding paper to make a model for my book I came up with the idea.

As I was playing with paper trying to figure it out, how to present 3 sections window and also somehow show the night and day view I came up with this:

model of my book

The middle part is actual window. The line drawing will be printed on acetate (moving objects).The left picture is daytime. It will have block of collors representating buldings and silhuettes of people.The rights side is night view it will be mostly dark with yellow splashes representating streetlights and ofcourse people at night. Then folding one side or another in, you can see night or day view.

final piece

At the end I think it was an interesting outcome for this project but I had to work harder on this one as on editorial


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