Visualization of Dada poem

“Don’t get to for hero, space robs talent with which anticipation believe set up savage experience”

Dada Poem Illustration

The first impression what reading this poem gave me was that it sounded like a rule or law.  It is the first word ‘don’t’ what reminds me of the prohibitory traffic signs. I know that in English language they usually say ‘No …’ for example No trespassing , but in my mother language we say Don’t trespass. As the visual representation of this word is so well known I have decided to let it dominate my illustration.

The second word, what stands up is hero. I was thinking what that word means to me. It obviously had to be a person and as I did not want to be a personal piece it had to be a general visualization. I narrowed it down to Soldier or Fireman. These two are modern days heroes. As I personally don’t agree to call soldiers heroes I used a fireman in the image. I did not want it to be anybody specific so I used just the silhouette.

The phrase ‘space robs talent’ I tried to interpret mostly with colours. Stars as yellow stains and splashes on the dark blue should help identify space that is slowly replacing the light colour representing the talent.

Another word ‘believe’ is strategically placed on the white cross shape. Word believe is often used in context of having faith and cross is probably the most applied sign indicating faith or religion.

And at the end we have ‘savage experience’.  With the word savage automatically comes blood, so I placed some blood drips and random stains at the bottom of the image.


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