Narrative Illustration

The last project for this is narrative illustration. Again we had to chose one story and produce three images to illustrate narrative.

  1. The Judgement of Paris
  2. Troillus and the death of Achilles
  3. The Argo
  4. Narcissus and Echo
  5. Theseus and the Minotaur
  6. Daedalus and Icarus

I have chosen a story about Narcissus and Echo.

This week we had collage workshop and because we are constantly being told to get out of our comfort zone I have decided to use this process to produce all three images for this project. I worked just with three colours to keep it simple and clean.

These are 3 final illustration for this project:

Eros and Narcissus

I tried to keep mythical feel to this images, so all my characters are naked, but I also tried to make illustrations children friendly so all private parts are covered.

Eros and EchoEcho

I really like the sitting echo and facial expression of echo being stabbed by eros but the rest just don’t look as professional as I would like it to. I still have to say I enjoyed making these illustration


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