Digital imaging

Within the forthcoming week, we are required to undertake research and enquiry relating to the question,

‘What seminal advances, occurrences, and developments occurred in ‘The Noughties?’

Our enquiry should be explored world-wide relating to any of the following chosen areas, although it is suggested that we select one domain to focus on within the time-frame of the unit –

  • Political
  • Environmental
  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • Cultural
  • Technological

We are asked to produce a series of six images related to chosen area, four of these images should ultimately be chosen for our final submission and presented as finished artwork. Final work will be presented on the screen so it must be saved as a 300dpi jpeg whose longest dimension is no more than 16cms and it must be processed and finished using digital media.

All research findings, idea generation, subsequent visual development, sketchbook work and the other two remaining images will be considered as supporting works. As part of our research, we are required to write 500 words outlining our understanding of pixel and vector based graphics applications and its relevance to contemporary illustration practice.

Exemplars of good practice…

Shonagh Rae –

Andy Potts –

Tim Marrs –

Lucy Vigrass –

Alex Williamson –


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