Word and image; reasearch, experimentation and final outcomes

The work of Sam Winston especially pieces from ‘Made Up True Story’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ collections were big inspiration for this unit.

The subtle use of miniature words engages the viewer to step in and get intimate with the image. That is something what I tried to include to my image of equalizer made out of words. The first impression of the image is just the picture of the equalizer as the words are hard to read from distance, what is making the audience to get closer and spend time with the image. Sam’s black letters in Times New Roman work really well on white pages referencing to the pages of the book or newspaper.

Check out his website, his work is amazing: http://www.samwinston.com/

The words I used are the ‘key’ words of Charlie Parkers life. I found a website (http://www.wordle.net/create) which generates typography images out of chosen text. I used couple of different biographies of Charlie Parker and here are some examples:I used these generated words for my word equalizer image..

Apart from the use of negative space, abstraction is another aspect of his work, which I found really fitting for my project. I have done several improvisation drawings. Drawing the shapes that came to my mind while listening to Charlie Parker music.Combination of abstraction and negative space: and

I have researched a plenty of the record covers from that era. Some examples:

Majority of them used bold colours and had screen-printing feel to them.  I have decided to use the similar colour palette. Limited colour palette and shadowing. Good resource of jazz posters: http://www.pinkfloydfan.net/jazz-posters/

Another useful link for experimentation: http://www.zefrank.com/scribbler/scribblertoo/ , example:


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