informative illustration

It was done for the project, help line is fake, do not call 🙂 (It is the number for problems with depression NHS  helpline)

This is my final outcome for informative illustration for functions of illustration brief. The awareness leaflet displays material of a factual nature. I produced a survey in which  I asked over 100 people about their favourite escape activity:

Hey people
I am doing project about ‘escapism’. It would be really nice of you to fill this survey for me. Could you pick your 3 favourite activities that you like to practise when you really should do something else. Send me back just 3 letters (unless you pick ‘J’) in ORDER starting with you favourite..
A – Internet, browsing, gaming
B – Daydreaming, fantasising
C – Reading, Books
D – Tv, Movies
E – Shopping, Spending money
F – Food
G – Sports, Gym
H – Sleeping
I – Alcohol, drugs
J – Other (specify)

I Converted obtained answers to percents and I used umbrella as a piechart to visualise the end information. Umbrella is a visual metaphor and signifies hiding, escaping..

The text on the top helps to understand what the given information is about. It makes the viewer think about their escapism activities, in case of admitting of having problem the text at the bottom gives a leaflet a point – the help info.

in context:

Examples of good practice:


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