Sound effects workshop with Ed Dowie

Following the recent workshop with Nick lowe we had a session about sound in animation with one of the paper cinema people Ed Dowie.

Is a London based Musician/Sound Artist working mainly in the field of Electronic Music Composition and Laptop Performance. He started my career in a group, Brothers in Sound, signing to Regal Records and BMG publishing. Releasing three EPs and one LP and toured internationally. He regularly perform with the Dirty Electronics Ensemble, a group that fuses DIY electronic circuitry and live performance, recently appearing as part of the Tribute to Stockhausen series at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and concerts with the Japanese Noise Artist Merzbow in Birmingham and Leicester. and has also composed music for several theatre productions including Clockwork Orange (York Theatre Royal), The Red Room (C Central, Edinburgh Fringe) and Pool (No Water)(York Student Theatre) and have provided music for several short films including In Memory and Lost at Sea by filmmaker Tom Tilliard-Haines, which have featured in international film festivals, (Raindance in London, Clement Ferrand in France and Kassel in Germany).

It was very interesting and so much fun. We were recording sound with the everyday objects. Recorded sounds we were supposed to used in an animation. Vicky Yates, Louise Wyatt and Louise Byng were in my group and we used my animation test to record sound for. We were using software called Reaper. Here is what we produced:

I have decided to use a song for my animation, but now if I change my mind, I know how to record sound effect..

I did a little research on internet about memorable sound effects. I found the thread where people listed they favorite sounds

I picked these:

In Aliens, when the door of the Nostromo is cut open by a torch and the probe comes inside, it turns on some type of scan light, and when that light passes over the movie camera, it makes a “humm” noise. Love that sound.

In Blade Runner, while in Deckard’s (sp) apartment, there’s an ambient machine noise, kinda similar to the previous Aliens sound. It’s more like an appliance sound, but it cycles. I’d love to have that sound in my apartment.

Any time a light saber is activated


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