Choosing the sound and sound effects

I spent a plenty of time deciding on music for my animation.

I imagined something melancholic but not too sad not too cheerful, but definately nothing ’emo’. Preferable not too much singing, (didnt want the lyrics clash with animation). Maybe orchestral, but not necessary.

On of my first thoughts for the sound was to ask my Dj friend to produce something for me. Later on changed my mind as came to realisation the style of his music wouldn’t fit the mood i wanted to set.

listening to countless sountracks alongside watching my draft animation I decide to use one of my first choices anyway. Found on the movie soundtrack to the Coraline animation. Not to sign too melodramatic, but when I have heard singer singing ‘tweet tweet’ when my humming bird appeared on scene, I thought that it is like tailor made for me.

It has little girl singing which suited me, but i did not understand the lyrics. Looking for translation I found out its composed by Bruno Coulais and recorded with the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, and the Children’s Choir of Nice …and…

and the lyrics are mix of french words that makes no sence and gibberish. And decision was made. Made up language for my made up setting. I could not not use this!

I was considering to use some of the sound effects, like wind in a trees, and bird noise..

But the deadline approaching I did not wanna do it just for sake doing it.. I don’t think they were necessary as girls voice is quite dominant and they would get probably lost next to it anyway.


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