Talk with Storyboard artist Tony Chance

As the important part of animation making is storyboarding I attended a talk with Tony Chance.

For you who don’t know, who that is, check his work.

He storyboarded fair amount of movies I guarantee you have seen. And he is really good. Here is the list:

It was very bizarre experience watching him talk. He had a trouble to stick to the topic or even one story, .. but it was fun. And it got better at the end. I am really glad I went there.

I‘ve also learnt that it is damn well paid job but work is very inconsistent.

Storyboard I produced for my animation was not very conventional. I cut the drafts images up and used the puppets for the draft animation. The reason was, I did want to spend hours on polished drawings and then find out I can not animate them. Another


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