Learning agreement

The intention of the Extended Major Project is provide a suitable vehicle for a sustained focus on a specific project, which allows me to apply the knowledge, technical skills and intellectual abilities acquired and developed during the course. I will continue take an interest in ‘strange’ and surrealist imagery surrounding the theme –‘One of a kind’, considering my aims and ambitions beyond the BA Honours programme.

This world is one of a kind. Or at least it is not proved otherwise. Throughout this unit I will be focusing on uniqueness found in this world. My aspire is to produce significant body of finished work appropriate to the level of Honours degree study making the base for producing ltd. Edition or even ‘one of a kind’ book. Why are we all different as human beings? Not two alike. Researching how are we wired, personalities, shapes, patterns will give me a visual vocabulary that will make a foundation for illustrations I intend to produce.


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