Idea Development

After one random conversation with my friends about how they can recognize the way I write. Because I write the way I speak. Foreign. That got me thinking that illustrating a text would be a good start.

I am far from a writer, I consider myself a visual orientated person and I am really not good with words; therefore I felt stuck, yet again.

Researching short stories, poems and nursery rhymes I stumbled upon Edward Lear’s Book of Nonsense.

It is the book that made short funny poems known to wider audience.

Considering the English is not my first language I was pretty confident I could write some limericks myself.

What got me interested in Lear and limericks is that they do not necessary need to  make sense.

I can choose the words only because they rhyme. This is the approach I took upon constructing my limericks, which aloud me to produce short surreal narratives.


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