From the feedback from the previous unit it has been brought to me that my methodology and approach is not very contemporary. After the experimentation with watercolours at the beginning of this project and although I am not very familiar with this medium I have decide to take on the risk and produce the illustrations for my final project in watercolours. Hoping the unfamiliar medium will give some edge to my images.  Use of vibrant colours and absent line work will be in contrast to Lear’s book that was illustrated with nice little black and white line drawings.

I was hoping to inject more contemporary feel to the images by studying the work of illustrators Like Michal Gillette,

David Downtown

and Lucinda Rogers,

the established illustrators working with watercolors. The way David Downtown leads the viewer eye by painting parts of the image in details while the other parts of the image leaving untreated. That was something that appealed to me. The free flowing painted lines gave his images a fresh look.

I don’t use line work in my watercolour work and Not wanting to just bluntly copy his approach I represented the freeness of his stokes by embracing the edges of the colour washes, instead of trying to gradually blend them in.

Inspired by my ‘Rorschach tests’ I wanted to make images that looked like a puzzle made out of random shapes, colours and transparencies, where every piece of the puzzle is unique.


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