EMP Evaluation

Thinking of Free Range exhibition and trying to make use of nice big space I was trying to work big. Unfortunately it took me a while to realize that for the way I was working it wasn’t the best idea. When big images were scaled down to the book format the things that made them different to the other watercolours out there became less visible. After realizing that I have changed the size of paper I was working on.

Picking the square format of the book often made working on composition a challenge. But after I have seen it printed I think it was worth it; although the square format made it more expensive to print and impossible to professionally bind on time for hand in. I bound mock-up/final book myself and I am quite please how it turned out. It makes the book more precious more unique. I was very lucky with the choice of paper that made prints look like original paintings. I am still going to print it professionally in time for exhibition.

The book isn’t just for kids. I was hoping to produce something someone of any age can enjoy.


I went a long way since wrote my learning agreement for this project, but still think I have done most of things I was planning to do.


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