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My thumbnails are not really thumbnails. They are more of an initial sketches, trying to work out the composition and possible element I will include in the images.

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LWL competition

Not knowing what to do For EMP is stressing me so much that I had to distract my mind with something else. This is for the Little White Lies competition. Trying out something new here. Gonna have to set this post on Privat, so you will see it after the winner is announced.

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rorschach test

I did this to exercise my imagination. Making random splatters and then draw on the top of it the stuff I see in there. This little exercise gave me an idea for a direction where I could take my unique theme. More about it later.

quick watercolour studies

Finally tried out my Christmas present (paint brushes) – stupid dissertation. Haven’t had so much fun drawing/painting in ages..

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Another Escape

This is my feature in Issue 1 of the creative publication Another Escape. They  showcase inspiring practitioners who relate their work and practice to the running theme of escapism and adventure.

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