LWL competition

Not knowing what to do For EMP is stressing me so much that I had to distract my mind with something else. This is for the Little White Lies competition. Trying out something new here. Gonna have to set this post on Privat, so you will see it after the winner is announced.

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Idea development


I want to explore what makes each of us unique as a starting point for my emp. Focusing on Peoples mind and their unique perception of the world around them I did an experiment similar to Rorschach test. I made randomly scattered watercolour splodges on paper and gave them to people to tell me what they see. I was interesting to see how different people made out different visuals from the same watercolour splatters. Having them drawing on the copies I was then working into original paintings producing the ‘portrait of their minds’.




Presenting this idea at my group tutorial with Joel it has been suggested to me that I should make this project about my ideas, my perception of the world not the others.




As all the Rorschach test idea was based on perception of the other people and comparing them to emphasise the uniqness of each mind I thought applying that methodology lost its base having just one subject matter  -me.




Going back to square one I was looking for the way to produce something that would portray what’s in my head.


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rorschach test

I did this to exercise my imagination. Making random splatters and then draw on the top of it the stuff I see in there. This little exercise gave me an idea for a direction where I could take my unique theme. More about it later.

quick watercolour studies

Finally tried out my Christmas present (paint brushes) – stupid dissertation. Haven’t had so much fun drawing/painting in ages..

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I explored the Uncanny in my negotiated practice as well as in my dissertation. Reading Reading Otto Ranks, Sigmund Freud and Mladen Dolar studies about the double and uneasiness that double evokes in people got me interested on subject of unique.

The subject is confronted with his double, the very image of himself (that can go along with the disappearance, or trading off, of his mirror image or his shadow), and this crumbling of the subject’s accustomed reality, this shattering of the bases of’ his world, produces a terrible anxiety.

Dolar, Mladen

Learning agreement

The intention of the Extended Major Project is provide a suitable vehicle for a sustained focus on a specific project, which allows me to apply the knowledge, technical skills and intellectual abilities acquired and developed during the course. I will continue take an interest in ‘strange’ and surrealist imagery surrounding the theme –‘One of a kind’, considering my aims and ambitions beyond the BA Honours programme.

This world is one of a kind. Or at least it is not proved otherwise. Throughout this unit I will be focusing on uniqueness found in this world. My aspire is to produce significant body of finished work appropriate to the level of Honours degree study making the base for producing ltd. Edition or even ‘one of a kind’ book. Why are we all different as human beings? Not two alike. Researching how are we wired, personalities, shapes, patterns will give me a visual vocabulary that will make a foundation for illustrations I intend to produce.

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